Pentney Stone Repair

Deemed ‘irreparable’ by many, Joe Orsi from the Traditional Skills Trust stepped in.


This was in a very poor condition and lots of builders and professionals said this will have to be removed as a repair ‘can’t be done’.
Well, Yes it can! Moulds were made up from the original stone columns and the severely damaged columns were repaired and recast.

Stone repair, preserving the heritage of Pentney

Zero Carbon, Zero Waste Community Build

The consultancy Orsi-Contini has worked with environmentally conscious industries such as Singleton Birch Ltd, Enviroform Solutions Ltd,  Magply Ltd, Lime Green Ltd, East Yorkshire Hemp Ltd and others, to enable natural construction materials to be understood and developed. Orsi-Contini has, for four years, been collaborating with Government funded UK Innovate auditors and Sheffield Hallam University. The collaboration has developed a use for, crop by-product, hemp shiv into a construction material.

The first phase of the proposal will involve the construction of small lightweight hemp based accommodation huts that are foundation-less and are on movable skids. The huts will provide overnight accommodation for delegates and students. As part of the environmental philosophy the huts will be off grid to demonstrate sustainable living options.

Watch our video here! 


Building innovation in the heart of Pentney

Project Aims

Zero Carbon, Zero Waste

Having been run as a zero waste facility for many years, we can always look to teach and learn and improve on our impact and our surroundings.

We are measured by our waste and impact, if we can leave things in a better condition that we find them we are succeeding. Everything else is considered a failing.


Skills training and simple ecological systems can bring communities together and create wonderful habitats for people to live in beautiful surroundings that support flora, fauna and wildlife.  We strive to live together in synergy and in harmony.

Environmental Management

The programs propose to manage and enhance the land and support native species in a way that benefits the environment and local wildlife. Recognising the important impact surrounding land, rivers and ditches can have on the wider environment, we run courses on re-wilding and regularly have volunteer sessions on the land and in Pentney village


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